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May 24 2018

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More Companies in Austin are Switching to Microsoft Office 365 All the Time

Finding the right type of IT Support in Austin has become an increasingly important goal, with many businesses now realizing that their own IT arrangements could be improved. In many cases today, switching to a cloud-hosted productivity suite will deliver a number of benefits that will be relevant throughout an organization. Experts at setting up and managing Office 365 Solutions for Small Business clients consistently show how such options can make the most possible sense.

A Better Way to Provide Access to Office Applications

Almost every company in the Austin area today needs to enable access to productivity apps like word processing programs, spreadsheets, and presentation systems. In most cases, the traditional choice is Microsoft's long-running Office stable of software, a collection of applications that has become the clear standard in many industries.

Installing Office locally, however, requires a lot more in the way of maintenance and configuration than most businesses can easily accommodate. Another, more modern option is to make use of the Office 365 service, which affords access to a cloud-hosted version of the software that has become increasingly popular. Making the switch will generally enable benefits with regard to important factors such as:

Accessibility. Where the conventional version of Microsoft Office needs to be installed on each device where access will be required, the web-based branch of Office 365 does away with this limitation. Since the software itself is hosted on remote servers, any computer with a network connection and compatible web browser can be used to access it. That opens up entirely new possibilities for many companies and workers, with only the right credentials being required to get started.

Licensing. Microsoft's various enterprise-oriented licensing programs provoke seemingly endless confusion within smaller businesses. The Office 365 licensing model was designed from the ground up to be far simpler and typically much more affordable, as well. Instead of complex licensing terms and high initial costs, companies that use this version of Microsoft Office can count on simple, low subscription fees.

Increasingly the Easy Choice

With Office 365 also providing benefits with regard to other important considerations like security and updates, more and more companies in the Austin area are opting for this version of Microsoft's productivity suite. Working with a local IT company that understands how to make the switch go smoothly will make the right choice even clearer.

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